Window Demon - a tool to keep windows in place automatically

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The Window Demon 1.0

by Gary Chanson

Copyright © 2007 – All rights reserved.

Window Demon is a utility which runs in the background and automatically manages windows.

  • Automatic or one-click window size and position restore
  • It can minimize or hide windows.
  • It can press buttons in dialogs, run menu items in programs, and send keystrokes to programs.
  • It can perform these functions manually or when a window is created, activated, focused, or destroyed.
  • Release Candidate 3 adds a new feature to reduce windows to screen size if the set size values would exceed the screen. This is particularly nice when you change screen resolutions, change monitors, use a projector, or use Remote Desktop from a smaller screen.

Public beta test—download release candidate 3 for XP and Vista:

Installation: Unpack the zip archive into a folder and double-click on: WindowDemon.exe

To keep the program running forever, right-click its systray icon (the window with the red arrow), click on Options, and select: Run at Windows Start-up

Remember to use Add Window or Capture Window first, then you can use Configure Windows.

[I use this program in XP and Vista and wouldn't know how to live without it. -- Your admin]