Mississippi Sports Betting

Mississippi happened to be one of the few states in which sports betting was legalized in 2018. This is easily explained, having in mind that sports gambling is actually one of a variety of forms of legal gambling in Mississippi. Gambling in Mississippi started almost with the foundation of the country.

Probably you will find it hard to believe this, but in the past Native Americans first started gambling here by playing card games and placing bets on sports such as horse-riding. It was in 1990 when the Mississippi Gaming Control Act legalized gambling.

This act made riverboat casinos legal. The year 2015 was an unlucky one for betting in Mississippi because the hurricane Katrina destroyed almost all casinos on the coast. After this unfortunate event, the owners of the riverboat casinos were satisfied by the new change of the law, which allowed them to move on the shore in order to avoid the risk of being hurt by another natural disaster.

Are There Options for Online Sports Betting in Mississippi?

There are several locations in Mississippi where you can do practice land-based sports betting. You will be lucky if one of them is in your area. The good thing is that in some of them you can bet 24/7.

There are also some gambling operators who already offer online sports betting in Mississippi. Since this state has a lot of experience in the field of gambling, we believe that the transition from in-person to online betting will be very smooth here.

The Sports Betting Apps of Mississippi

Very soon after PASPA (the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act from 1992) was overturned, Mississippi founded sportsbook companies. As we have already mentioned, it was illegal to do sports betting until the year 2018.

Fortunately for sports bettors, this situation has already changed, and today there are several casino betting operators that have created onsite sportsbooks. This is possible only because online sports betting has been announced legal under the law of Mississippi.

However, due to the requirement that sports betting should be done only through land-based or in-person operators, neither one of the gambling companies have dared to make a mobile platform. So bettors should keep their fingers crossed that this will soon change so that they can gamble more conveniently.

The Future of Sports Betting in Mississippi

The rosy prospects for mobile sports gambling in Mississippi are that gambling operators will soon offer top applications and generous rewards to their customers. Of course, the first ones that are expected to launch mobile apps for sports betting are the casinos in which sports betting is already a fact.

We are sure that after reading this article, you are ready to start betting on sports in Mississippi, and you are looking forward to the appearance of mobile applications. We would like to give you our last piece of advice, and it is to look for the best bonuses and promotions once you start sports betting.