Results after running resetdma.vbs or making the registry changes by hand (and rebooting)

Sat, 2007-07-21 13:03 by admin


Sun, 2007-09-09 07:59 by admin

The program can only reset Microsoft's IDE/ATAPI driver. It is helpless when the problem occurs on a channel using a third-party, non-Microsoft driver.

"No resettable DMA channels ... found" indicates that

  1. either all IDE/ATA channels using the Microsoft driver were already running in DMA mode, i.e. the problem is somewhere else, probably in another channel that uses a non-Microsoft driver,
  2. or all IDE/ATA channels used a non-Microsoft driver.

"ATA channels have been reset, but after rebooting DMA was still not enabled." can also mean two things, namely that

  1. either the program reset at least one IDE/ATA channel, but it was not the one causing problems, i.e. there was another channel that used a non-Microsoft driver,
  2. or, worse, the program actually did fix the problem, but due to a hardware problem Windows soon set the channel back to PIO mode because of too many errors on the channel.

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