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Hello all!

I just started working for a company that has 10 workstations, in a workgroup, all running WinXP Pro (not sure of the SP versions). No server. All are hard-wired. Everything was working just fine before I got there and up until today. One of the managers came to me and told me that the DSL had dropped connection, and they unplugged and then replugged the modem, the router, and the switch. Apparently, the DSL has problems dropping the connection, but this is beside the point.

After rebooting the network, one of the computers could see the other computers on the workgroup, but could not be seen (Network Places). When trying to connect to it, I was getting the "You may not have permission to access this network resource" message. We'll call this computer Donna. I used another computer to try to access Donna by typing the name in the file browser (\\Donna) and pinging the computer, all to no avail. Oddly enough, Donna can connect to the Internet, and see all the other computers.

I tried checking the permissions on the shares, unsharing and then re-sharing, no help. But when I renamed the computer to Donna2, everything "magically" worked. For a few hours. Now it's not. So much for looking like a hero at the new job.

Here's what I've tried so far:

1. Using the Windows "Repair Connection".
2. Disabling and re-enabling the connection
3. Disabled their anti-virus (CA Antivirus)
4. Disabled the Windows firewall (No other firewall was installed)
5. Uninstall, reboot, reinstall, reboot File and Print Sharing Service
6. Uninstall, reboot, reinstall, reboot Client for Microsoft Networks
7. Enabling the Guest account (it's wasn't before, but everything WAS ok)
8. Promoting the Guest account to the Administrator's group
9. Enabling NetBIOS over TCP/IP (didn't help, so set back to 1st option "Default")
10. Setting the restrictanonymous registry setting to 0
11. Checked "Access this computer from the network" has Everyone in it in Group Policy
12. Removed "Guest" from "Deny access to this computer from the network" in Group Policy
13. Disabled, rebooted, then Re-enabled Simple File Sharing
14. Run the Windows Network Wizard (at this point, it was worth a shot)
15. Ensured the "Computer Browser" and "Server" services were running
16. Swore at the monitor under my breath and madly shook the mouse.

In the process of doing this all, now the Donna computer can no longer see the other computers on the network either. This really irritated the manager, because Payroll had to be done this weekend. :( Computer can STILL get on the Internet though.

The workgroup names are all the same (MSHOME), the IP address it's receiving is in the correct range (DHCP from the router). All of the other computers are sharing files and printers fine, so I know that the trouble is isolated to this one machine.

The network setup goes as follows:

DSL Modem
Linksys G Router
| |
10 port Switch 3 workstations
6 workstaions

I've had Donna in both the router, and the switch. No connection to the network either way (still Internet though). I disabled, re-enabled, and repaired the connection after moving the cable, just in case it was a funky DHCP issue.

Short of formatting the system, any ideas?

Windows Network Problem Solver

Sun, 2011-02-20 11:37 by admin

Use the Windows Network Problem Solver. Carefully fill in the form and check the results.

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