CD/DVDrom wont play DVD Movies

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Wed, 2010-09-29 12:14 by Falkland · Forum/category:

I run a LG desktop 153gb Hard Drive with 2gb Ram: OS = WinXP Home SP3.
Initially I had a problem with DMA and PIO, but thanks to your Forum Topic "DMA reverts to PIO"; I followed all the suggestions ( uninstalling primary & secondary channels, running resetdma.vbs and manually deleted datachecksum using REGEDIT and checked Bios); which cured by PIO mode and sound issues. Hard drive is now UDMA5 and the CDROM is now UDMA4.
But when I try to play a DVD movie (Powerdvd10) the program starts but does not respond and just hangs and yet does not drop out of UDMA4 and will not play.
The program restarts to run when I eject the DVD, but as soon as I reload the disk it stops/stutters again, I have tried a number of different DVD movies with no result.

I have re-installed all drivers and downloaded/updated the latest firmware (Hitachi HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GSA-H55N).
SATA1 = Hard Drive. IDE Primary Slave = ATAPI CDROM. Could there be a problem with this? Should/could the CDROM be set to master as the Hard Drive is on SATA1??
I know Im probable clutching at straws now - but as a PC virgin this is so frustrating. I would appreciate any suggestion, am I missing something really simple?

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Thanks admin, moved jumper

Fri, 2010-10-01 14:44 by Falkland

Thanks admin, moved jumper from slave to master - unfortunatley no change; program does not respond until disk is ejected..
There has however been a development . . .
It appears I can play (via Powerdvd 10) single layer DVD movies but not dual layer i.e. Avatar, Beowulf etc - despite the fact my DVD Drive specifications says it can.
I tried running the DVD via Win Media Player and recieved a message suggesting a digital copyright protection issue which ultimatley means the DVD decoder is not working/set up properly and yet presumably a "third party" decoder would have been updated when I downloaded Powerdvd 10 (10 days ago).

I have also subsequently downloaded "Videolan" which does play my DVD movies but only about half the film; e.g Avatar stalls at 1hr 16mins, I have looked on one or two forums specific to this issue but none of them seem to offer an explanation just users reporting similar problems.
Comments please.

IDE Master

Wed, 2010-09-29 13:47 by admin

If you have only one device on an IDE port, it has to be connected to the end connector of the cable, not in the middle, and its master-slave jumper set to master.

Try that, and if it still doesn't work, try a different DVD drive. It may be broken. Of course anything else could also be broken or incompatible, like the IDE data cable (for example, 40 instead of 80 wires).

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