New User account stops all internet/wi-fi connection

Tue, 2009-10-06 08:55 by markobrien · Forum/category:

When I try to create a new user account for my son, it disables all other users from wi-fi access to the home network (and the internet.)

I run XP (SP2) and I have administrator settings for my own account. I have one other (existing) user account for other son which continues to work fine.

But when I create a new user account it allows PC to connect wirelessly to home network for about 1 second then cuts it off. Then it automatically reconnects for 1 second and cuts connection again.
As soon as I log this new user off, network connection is restored for other users.

I've deleted new account and created it with administrator privilege, but same problems occurs.

I can't figure out what else inside a "new account" can be causing a disconnection from our home network.
I run standard Windows firewall and AVG but no other firewall. Also have NetNAnny, but problem occurs even with NetNAnny disabled so don't think it's that.

How the ^%#@! do I create a new account that is allowed to access our home network?

Many possible causes

Wed, 2009-10-07 17:48 by admin

What exactly do you mean by, "disables all other users from wi-fi access to the home network"? How do you know? What happens?

Check the access rights of the new user. Check the wi-fi adapter power saving setting.

Do you use a version of AVG that has a firewall? Two firewalls or even three at the same time are a recipe for trouble.

If you connect through a router with NAT, i.e. if you have a private network IP address, then you could disable all firewalls or, better, uninstall them and try again. Some of them cause problems until you actually uninstall them.

But there are many other possible causes. Cheap, sub-standard wi-fi equipment is one.

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