ICS with Fixed IP Addresses

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Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) with Fixed IP Addresses

You can assign fixed IP addresses to the clients. ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) will still work. Set the subnet masks to and standard gateway and DNS addresses to automatic (or to, as the ICS server acts as a DNS proxy).

However, by doing that, you introduce a new problem. Assume you connect a travelling laptop to your network, and your other clients are switched off. The ICS server will then assign an IP address to the laptop, which will, with some probability, coincide with one of the clients' IP addresses.

When you then switch on the client, you'll get an IP address conflict.
For some reason I have to live with this problem in my home network, and it does occasionally surface. I then have to shut down the laptop and run around rebooting the affected client, then reattach the laptop.