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Sat, 2009-08-15 14:22 by dodgecharger · Forum/category:

I have two computers. One is at least 6 years old adn the other is about 4. Both hard drives are two years old. I installed both in one computer. I set One as a slave and the other a master. When I turn on the computer Only one OS system shows up. Is there a way that I can choose which OS system I want to boot up. One is Windowns ME and the other is Windows 98. I use these for music and projects instead of my new computer Windows XP. Do I need to change the BIOS is some way so I can switch from one OS to other OS? Sure need your help. Thanks

You need to make a new

Sun, 2009-08-16 20:22 by millards

You need to make a new boot.ini file or edit the one you have. Google the subject or you might find it in here somewhere. Essentially your computer is showing only one O/S because your current boot file is saying there is only one o/s. The boot file will let your computer know where the other o/s is located etc.

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