Uninstalling Norton Created Network Problems

Mon, 2009-08-10 00:20 by winexp · Forum/category:

I use WinXP home version, which came with a free norton antivirus 360 trial. After the trial ended, the continual popups from norton "reminding" me to buy their product prompted me to uninstall the norton program.

After a (so-called) successful uninstall, using the uninstall feature from the control panel, my network connection does not work. Any browser i try does not connect, Itunes music store, nothing. The most frustrating part is that windows does not detect any problem, and in control panel the network is shown to be connected. But no programs needing the connection work!

I read about a specific "norton removal tool" available for download, but i can't even get online. Any suggestions for getting my connection working again would be appreciated! Thanks

Norton Removal Tool

Mon, 2009-08-10 06:30 by admin

But the Norton Removal Tool is your next-best bet. Download it on another computer, copy it to the problem computer, and use it there.

If that still leaves problems, then those may not hail from Norton. You can then use the Network Problem Solver.

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