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Tue, 2008-12-16 13:59 by reece · Forum/category:

Hi there,

I have an XPS M2010 runiing Windows XP Pro, Service Pack 3.

Security wise, I have Windows Firewall, Zone Alarm Security Suite and Force Field.

I run many applications, but one in particular refuses to function, I think since my computer last made some automatic windows updates.

What happens is that the one piece of software will not run when I click it. It is the register.exe file and the application file itself that will not run. Other functions such as the update.exe file still work no problem. I have had this piece of software for a few years and have used it most days, so it is extremely bizarre that it now will not run. I have had many mails with the owner of the software and he is at a loss as to what may be the problem. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the software many times, including previous versions, all to no avail. I have cleared the registry files, and tried accesing the software direct fro the C drive as well as through 'Start-Programs' or the desktop shortcut. I have the same software on a mini travel pc that I use, and it runs fine on that machine.

The above makes me think that it is some sort of security blocking issue, but I have no clue what that could be. I have disabled Windows Firewall, Force Filed and Zone Alarm, but still the software does not run. I guess that therefore one of the latest Microsoft updates has triggered something that is refusing to let the software run. However, I cannot tracfk down what that could be. Could anyone offer some advice, please?

Thank you and best regards,



Tue, 2008-12-16 23:05 by admin

Unfortunately, a defect like this may be intractable, unless you find someone who knows the offending software very well.

But I have some general recommendations. Do not run more than one firewall at the same time. But be sure to run one all the time while you are connected to the Internet. Infection times are down to minutes or seconds for unprotected computers.

ok. thanks.

Wed, 2008-12-17 15:07 by reece

ok. thanks.

i need help

Thu, 2008-12-18 01:51 by phillip7623

i have windows xp sp2 installed on my computer. its a dell lat. d520 laptop. has 512mb ram, dual core processor, and a 60gb hard drive. i had a problem today when i tried to boot up my computer it was slow to boot up and none of my programs worked and i couldnt do a system restore. it kept telling me system restore couldnt protect my computer until i restarted it. it kept telling me this even after i restarted my computer. so i wanted to do an upgrade type installation of windows xp sp2 so i could keep my files and programs. it was going fine, gathering info, reboot, install process, now i get an error code 426 and it won't let me exit setup can someone help. the error code 426 states: the signature for windows xp home edition is invalid. setup failed to install the product catalogs. this is a fatal error. the setup logs should contain more information. can you help me with this problem please. never had this problem before. the cd is store bought not a copy so i know it is valid.

Hardware, virus

Thu, 2008-12-18 07:08 by admin

This could be anything, a hardware defect or a virus or Trojan infection. Difficult to say. You may want to send it back to Dell. Perhaps try to salvage data first. You could do that by connecting the hard disk to another computer.

By the way, your message was a reply at the end of an unrelated topic. Better start a new topic with such questions, and give it a meaningful subject too, like, "Slow boot, programs not working". "i need help" doesn't quite cut it, because everybody needs help here. I'm mainly writing this for other people to read before they post. It's also useful to click on the [Start] button in the top left.

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