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Hi guys I am new here. Hope you can help me out.

Here is the problem. Got a dell PC. It belongs to my Girlfriends daughter. She is getting a new laptop for Xmas so we moved the PC to the kitchen yesterday. I was going the it trying to clean it up a little. It is an older PC with a pentium 4. It only has a 1/2 a gig of ram but plenty for what her mom needs it for.
The problrem is she has all kinds of crap running in the background. So using the task manager I was closing out of all the AIM,AOL,ICQ etc in an effort to speed it up. I plan on shutting them all down once she has her laptop, but for now I just wanted to see how mutch memory I could free up. In doing this however (keep in mind I do this often on my PC that is shutting down things using the task mananger) I caused the pc to shut down 2 maybe three times. I closed someting wich cased windows to shut down, got a message saying "windows will shutdown in so many seconds, saving files" then it shut down. This has never happened to me before, like I said I do it all the time on my pc. Later that evening her mom got on, signed in as herself (usually she uses her daughters desktop). Upon signing in she got a pop up about signing in for something, and not knowing she clicked ok. When she came back a scan had been run saying she had viruses, trojen etc., and she was told if she bought the software she could get rid of the problems. I told her not to that is was probably a scam (as most are and that I would renew her norton and run a scan. Even later that evening i noticed a black screen, simmilar to when you reboot just prior to seeing the windows logo, with a message saying windows couldn't start due to a missing driver (system32/Drivers/isappnp.system). So this morning I proceeded to try and fix the problem. Tried starting in safe mode, and everthing I else. Finally I tried repairing fro the cd rom disk. It was nor working however. Turns out I was using the disk sent from dell, it says on it (and of course I did not read it first) that you can not repair drivers with this disk. So I put in My personal copy of XP. However there is now a new problem. Nothing works. CD-rom will not spin up, monitor says no signal and I can't shut it down using the power button.

Sorry for saying so much, hope you guys can help



Mon, 2007-12-17 08:44 by admin

Your description indicates a possible infection with a trojan.

Another possible cause is a hardware error, probably some bad RAM or a loose or corroded contact. It may help to reseat the memory modules and all plug-in adapters. However, since this happened during some suspicious user interaction, a hardware error is less likely.

From the file name you mention I can only guess that you're really meaning: system32/drivers/isapnp.sys (Please, guys, be precise when it comes to file names, error messages, etc.)

On my fully updated computer the version of that file is 5.1.2600.0 (xpclient.010817-1148) and its file size is around 36 KB.

Since you cannot boot Windows now, you have only a few choices:

  1. Boot another operating system from a CD or from a USB memory stick, then inspect the hard disk content, particularly isapnp.sys.
  2. Connect the hard disk to another computer, then inspect the hard disk content, particularly isapnp.sys.
  3. Do a repair installation.

You can find more information here:

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