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Private IP addresses

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ICS without logon

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ICS without logon

ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) by default does not dial out when nobody is logged on locally to the ICS server. I believe this is a defect and hope that it will be repaired in a future update, as it makes no sense to me.

Meanwhile you can use one of the known workarounds.

ICS with Fixed IP Addresses

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Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) with Fixed IP Addresses

You can assign fixed IP addresses to the clients. ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) will still work. Set the subnet masks to and standard gateway and DNS addresses to automatic (or to, as the ICS server acts as a DNS proxy).

hosts and lmhosts

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hosts is the poor man's DNS (Domain Name System). lmhosts is the poor man's WINS (Windows Name System).

In other words, hosts matches IP host names to IP addresses, while lmhosts matches NetBIOS names to IP addresses.

It does not matter whether the names of these two files are upper or lower or mixed case, but they must not have a file name extension. If your text editor insists to add its own extension, add a period to the end of the file name.

Ethernet throughput

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Apart from hard disk throughput the usual culprit is interrupt performance. Most cheaper computers have interrupt response times that saturate the CPU at an interrupt rate that allows only a few MB/s on a 100 MBit/s network. Good computers, on the other hand, will achieve a total throughput of 10 to 11 MB/s.

Of course, most single hard disks will not yield that much, so you may just be measuring your hard disk performance. You want a RAID 5 array on the server to be able to feed a 100 MBit/s network at full speed.

The NETSH command

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The NETSH command (NETSH.EXE) allows you to change network settings programmatically, for example through a batch file. This may save you from buying commercial programs like NetSwitcher.

The following link explains the NETSH command.

Please check also the links on that page, particularly those for Interface IP and WINS.

Internet via cable modem

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Internet via Cable Modem

This article deals with a particular problem that is typical for cable modem connections to the Internet but can occur in other situations as well. The problem is that the Internet Service Provider (ISP) gives you some IP (Internet Protocol) addresses that are in a genuine Internet subnet, but they are not contiguous and many other computers share this IP subnet.

This is also valid for certain DSL and other Internet connections.

How to synchronize two Windows computers

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The problem

A typical situation is that you have two computers which you use interchangingly. Most likely one is your desktop, the other your laptop computer. If you go out, you take your laptop computer along and use it, but back in your home or office you prefer to use the desktop. Nonetheless you want to have your data, like your email, on both computers.

The first thought is to use the offline folder ability of Windows, but if you've ever tried that, you probably know that it is not a viable solution. It is simply too unreliable.

Wake On LAN

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How can I start a computer over the network?

There are two different procedures, depending on whether the target computer is in standby/sleep/suspend mode or whether it is actually powered down in hibernate mode or entirely off.

Note that you cannot wake a computer that is powered down over a WLAN connection. Only cable connections will do.

Waking from suspend mode

  1. On the target computer in Device Manager or in the network settings select the network card.
  2. Click on: Properties


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