Universal Serial Bus

USB Hard drive not seen in file manager

Fri, 2017-03-10 17:27 by Karol · Forum/category:

I use a USB external hard drive Western Digital WD Elements. it was O.K., during one session it suddenly stopped working. i connected it to an other computer, there it's recognized but isn't seen in file manager. the icon in control panel exists and the properties say it works good but still i can't use it.

Camera microphone

Fri, 2012-11-30 11:11 by Karol · Forum/category:

I bought an internet camera with a USB cable, no microphone jack, but it has a built in microphone.
I attached an external microphone to the computer with a banana jack, but the sound is still recorded from the camera microphone.
How to transfer the sound reception from the USB of the camera to the microphone jack?

Car navigation by smartphone

Fri, 2011-05-13 18:50 by admin · Forum/category:

So you want to use your phone while driving. Good idea! Smartphones are excellent navigators. Google Maps has by far the most timely and the most accurate traffic information and dynamically routes you around traffic jams. If your time is valuable, you have hardly any choice but to use it.

But first you may stumble over two problems.

1. Where to put it

The three good ways to mount a smartphone in your care are these:

a) A suction cup windshield holder

b) A vent grid holder

c) A glue-to-the-dashboard holder

USB Ports Quit Recognizing Certain Devices

Tue, 2010-05-11 00:11 by MC · Forum/category:

My Windows Xp Pro based system, SP-2, suddenly quit recognizing my USB external hard drive (Seagate) and my 12 in 1 card reader (SanDisk) My Palm Pilot and Logitech wireless keyboard/mouse combo were unaffected.

I can move the devices around to different USB ports but the result is still the same....the devices are not seen. I have reinstalled drivers, but no joy.

These devices work just fine on all my other workstations.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance!


Razer Tarantula, 10-key rollover, and the secret code

Sun, 2009-11-01 17:42 by FD · Forum/category:

I recently got myself a new keyboard, the fairly expensive Razer Tarantula. One of the key features of this keyboard is its so called Anti-Ghosting, which is more precisely described as 10-key rollover over USB. (k-key rollover denotes the ability of keyboards to correctly handle a situation in which k keys are pressed simultaneously, independent of the combination pressed) However, to use it, you need to know the secret code!

USB Problem

Tue, 2008-01-01 08:45 by anonymous · Forum/category:

I plugged in my USB today and my files are all coded. Every single one.

I go to open a word document (my USB is predominately filled with word documents) and a box appears that says "File converter" and the name of my file. It then asks me to pick an encoding that will make my document readable [ 1. Windows (default), 2. MS- DOC (D has an underscore under it) and 3. Other encoding), non of which do because it is all in giberish code.

Can someone please help?? i really don't want to hear there's nothing i can do, because i don't want to lose my files.


problem with removable storage media - iPod/iTunes

Mon, 2007-10-08 18:06 by anonymous · Forum/category:

I've installed XP sp2 in my computer, everything is working good. The problem is with a icon, i cant see it whenever I connect my ipod into a USB. The icon appears if i restart my computer with the ipod attached to the USB.

If anybody can help me to see my icon back without restarting my computer! thanks.

USB safe mode clean up

Sat, 2007-08-04 08:00 by admin · Forum/category:

If your USB setup is messed up beyond hope, you may want to perform the USB safe mode clean up procedure.