A problem in Windows, probably caused by Windows or one of its components (except driver problems - select Hardware for these)

Automatic Windows restart

Sat, 2008-03-29 22:23 by sangata_b · Forum/category:

Please help me,My windows is restarting automatically after showing a blue screen.On the screen something are written.

Vista Service Pack 1

Sun, 2008-03-23 11:20 by admin · Forum/category:

General information

Learn how to install Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1)

Unlimited installation and compatibility support for Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (All Languages) is available at no charge until March 18, 2009.

Does not boot after SP1 installation

Try to boot in safe mode. If this works, the most likely cause is a driver problem.

SP2 upgrade disrupts video output

Tue, 2008-03-18 04:03 by Mac_Hack · Forum/category:

I've been working on a Compaq EVO 310. I did a complete re-install of Windows XP Pro, and everything was OK.

The first couple rounds of updates caused no problems, but when I installed Service Pack 2 and rebooted, I only got 4-bit video. Pretty messy!

I uninstalled SP2 and the display was again at 32-bit with no problems.

I'm not a Windows guy. Any suggestions?


A form of a Black Box

Tue, 2008-03-04 16:25 by Robertemcsqd · Forum/category:

I recently came across an application, I forget what it was. It has a recorder so when the user finds a bug or solves one but does'nt know what he or she did exactly in the script writing to find or fix the bug. They could go back to the log recording and see exactly what it is they did right or wrong. I think that's great, does windows have or has any such feature or is there some kind of download for such a thing?

Vista keeps only few restore points

Fri, 2008-02-29 22:35 by admin · Forum/category:

Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium and Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic use a feature called Shadow Storage to keep track of every file that changes, by keeping the older version.

However, Microsoft has removed the "Restore Previous Versions" feature from these two versions of Vista.

The result is that Vista still fills up the Shadow Storage, but you cannot do anything with it.

internet explorer is opening without address bar and menu bar

Fri, 2008-02-29 04:18 by jugal · Forum/category:

the internet explorer is opening without address and menu bar.. i tried to uninstall, and installed it again but the problem wasnt solved...

Vista Windows Explorer folder views unstable

Tue, 2008-02-26 09:45 by admin · Forum/category:

Windows Vista often shows the following problems with folder types and views:

  • Vista tries to determine folder types automatically from their content. However, when the content changes, the folder type is not changed as well.
  • Vista falsely recognizes documents and executable files as music files and thus sets the wrong folder view.
  • This is even worse for the system drive root folder and some special folders, such as Windows and system32, because users cannot customize these.
  • New folders are assigned an undesirable type.

windows xp shutting down

Fri, 2008-02-22 20:12 by Riverbraid · Forum/category:

Can somebody help me, windows keeps shutting down on me when am online, is this a hacker problem or is it something else?
Thanks for your help.

save in option

Sun, 2008-02-17 16:23 by mrscpzl · Forum/category:

As of a few months ago, when I click *save in* to choose destination folder, there is no response for about 15 seconds. I have run Ashamooo, a cleaner and fixer that has solved many problems in the past, but it won't solve this one.
Any ideas? Thank you,

Orphan Files

Sun, 2008-02-10 04:19 by alga · Forum/category:

I have a 200 GB Maxtor Harddrive running Win2K. The mother board crashed so I took this drive and installed it as a slave in my WinXp machine. Upon bootup, scandisk ran and it said it was deleting orphan files. It deleted all it could delete and the system boot up. I see the 200 GB slave drive but no files,just one big 98 GB partition and a bunch of FileXX.chk

I went to Microsoft help website, based on their recommendations I've tried to do a repair and that did not work, created a new folder called WINTEMP, loaded all the setup files and that did not work either.