A problem in Windows, probably caused by Windows or one of its components (except driver problems - select Hardware for these)

Custom redirection

Tue, 2008-06-17 02:05 by iantheevil · Forum/category:

I was wondering if it were possible to use a GPO to redirect the users' "My Documents" to their home folders but block certain folders such as their "My Music" folder. I don't care too much what they have on their local PC (I'm new to the company and haven't had time to crack down on the users yet :P) but I would like to be able to redirect their personal documents in case of a serious problem. I know I can block their "My Pictures" folder from redirecting but I would like a lilttle more control. I am using a Windows 2003 SBS as the DC and the users are using XP Prof.

No secondary IDE channel visible

Thu, 2008-05-22 11:44 by devagral · Forum/category:

Hi guys,
I have Dell dimension desktop with windows XP Home edition SP3 installed. I have one DVD-RW drive with ROXIO-My DVD LE. Recently, when I opened My DVD LE, I got the message that DMA is turned off and it should be turned on.I opened ' Device Manager-IDE ATA/ ATAPI controllers, I observed that no secondary IDE channel is displayed only primary
IDE channel is there.Till recently, I,m sure, Secondary IDE channel was also there.

My question is:-
Is it normal to have only primary TDE channel and no secondary IDE channel?

Unable to add account information in OE6

Tue, 2008-05-13 18:41 by aurelius · Forum/category:

I recently reinstalled winxp pro sp2 w/all updates. I set up my main identity in Outlook Express with no problems. But when I tried to set up additional identities, I found all I could do was to create names. The 'account' tab that was usually present in the tools was missing. There was just 'options' by itself at the bottom. For years I have always had 'account' and 'options' there. When I wanted to create additional accounts I just went to the 'account' button and did so. But for some reason that option is no longer there.

windows can not find ssvichosst.exe

Tue, 2008-05-06 09:42 by jugal · Forum/category:

my system had virus, so i removed them using nod32 anti-virus.. now whenever i restarted the system the windows gives this error
"windows can not find ssvichosst.exe. "
how to remove this warning...

Windows socket failed to initiate

Sun, 2008-04-20 20:55 by SallyFomoco · Forum/category:

Get "Windows socket failed to initiate"--message after running RegCure trying to solve problem/error that said C:\PROGRA~1\NEWDOT~1\NEWDOT~DLL. Cannot run restore, connect to internet etc. Help please!

Automatic Windows restart

Sat, 2008-03-29 22:23 by sangata_b · Forum/category:

Please help me,My windows is restarting automatically after showing a blue screen.On the screen something are written.

Vista Service Pack 1

Sun, 2008-03-23 11:20 by admin · Forum/category:

General information

Learn how to install Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1)

Unlimited installation and compatibility support for Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (All Languages) is available at no charge until March 18, 2009.

Does not boot after SP1 installation

Try to boot in safe mode. If this works, the most likely cause is a driver problem.

SP2 upgrade disrupts video output

Tue, 2008-03-18 04:03 by Mac_Hack · Forum/category:

I've been working on a Compaq EVO 310. I did a complete re-install of Windows XP Pro, and everything was OK.

The first couple rounds of updates caused no problems, but when I installed Service Pack 2 and rebooted, I only got 4-bit video. Pretty messy!

I uninstalled SP2 and the display was again at 32-bit with no problems.

I'm not a Windows guy. Any suggestions?


A form of a Black Box

Tue, 2008-03-04 16:25 by Robertemcsqd · Forum/category:

I recently came across an application, I forget what it was. It has a recorder so when the user finds a bug or solves one but does'nt know what he or she did exactly in the script writing to find or fix the bug. They could go back to the log recording and see exactly what it is they did right or wrong. I think that's great, does windows have or has any such feature or is there some kind of download for such a thing?

Vista keeps only few restore points

Fri, 2008-02-29 22:35 by admin · Forum/category:

Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium and Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic use a feature called Shadow Storage to keep track of every file that changes, by keeping the older version.

However, Microsoft has removed the "Restore Previous Versions" feature from these two versions of Vista.

The result is that Vista still fills up the Shadow Storage, but you cannot do anything with it.