Middle button not working

Fri, 2014-06-20 16:42 by Karol · Forum/category:

I have a logitech mouse with a wheel which is also a middle button. once the middle button was active, in the browser it scrolled up, down and to the sides and in the Autocad software it panned.
Now it stopped doing all those things. nothing. i set the middle button function selector to "middle button" in the logitech software but no help. also the function "autoscroll" doesn't help.
What happened and how to fix?

Google Chrome?

Mon, 2014-06-23 06:34 by admin

Did you, by any chance, find this problem in the Chrome browser? They have tightened their add-on security, so the Logitech driver no longer works.

It should still work in other web browsers.

A workaround is to install the developer version of Chrome.

If other programs are also affected, then that would be a different problem. In this case I would try to reinstall the Logitech software.

This would not solve the Chrome problem though. That can only be solved by Logitech through a new driver that is registered with Google.

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