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On an old computer running XP, I have designated the entire C: drive as being shared. It is "seen" by my other computer running Win 7, and when I doubleclick on the network C: drive, all of its subfolders and files open and are shown by Explorer, as usual. However, when I try to view any of the subfolders, I get an "access not allowed" message.

This is a private network, accessible by me, the administrator. How can I fix this? I was of the understanding that if the root directory was shared, that all of the subdirectories would be shared as well.

Thanks in advance.

File and folder access rights

Thu, 2014-03-13 08:56 by admin

If the drive is formatted as NTFS, which it usually is, then you have not only the share access rights, but also the file and folder access rights to contend with.

If you really wanted to have everything accessible to everyone, you could add the full-access right for everyone to the drive and apply it to all folders and files. This procedure takes a while.

It may be better to give the users specific access rights.

If you only wanted to access the drive yourself from another computer, you could use the same username and password on both computers, which would give you all or most rights.

By the way, the C: drive is already shared as C$. That is an administrative share, which is not shown in the list of shares, but if you type it in, it works. Example (replace computername with the name of the target computer): \\computername\C$

Also by the way, there may be a few files that you cannot read in spite of the above measures, because you have no access rights at all to them and you are not the owner. An example is the System Volume Information folder on most drives. To get around that you first have to take ownership, then you have to give yourself access rights.

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