Gmail does not automatically receive mail

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If Google Mail on an Android phone does not automatically sync mail, one possible reason is that after some system change one or more of the sync settings were disabled.

Tap Menu, Settings, Accounts & sync. Here you see two checkboxes that should both be checked, namely:

  • Background data
  • Auto-sync

You need both settings activated to automatically receive mail.

Under these you can see all your accounts. I guess your Gmail account has a green sync mark and says, Sync is ON.

However, this is very misleading. Tap the account, and a new page opens with several (at least three) sync functions. More often than not the cause of this problem is that Sync Google Mail is not selected.

You may be best off to select all of these sync settings and immediately watch your mail pouring in.

Of course this is a bad oversight in the design of the user interface, as the preceding pane gives the false impression that sync is selected and that there are no further settings.

Unfortunately there seems to be a deeper problem behind this. These sync settings, particularly Sync Google Mail, have a habit of switching themselves off. Cause and timing are unknown. The only known workaround is to keep re-checking and re-enabling these settings.

Under certain circumstances (earlier version, only updated, or modified Android) Gmail may have been moved to SD card. Check this with the following commands:

  1. Menu
  2. Settings
  3. Applications
  4. Storage use
  5. At the top, tap: SD card
  6. If you like, sort as desired, using: Menu

If Gmail is in the list and has its checkbox checked, this could conceivably cause the problem, as programs using synchronization must not be moved to SD card.

Remove the check mark and tap the button: Move to phone

While you are at it, do the same to Maps, because otherwise certain Google Maps functions that need synchronization, particularly Latitude, may not work.

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