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My desktop has two hard disks, one SSD for the system and a Seagate 1TG for everything else. On booting, Windows loads OK but comes up with the standard msg of new hardware detection and driver install Checking in BIOS, the 1TB drive is detected OK and Windows Disk Manager shows disks and partitions OK too. After a number of reboots, the computer now boots normally but I would like to get some info why this happened in the first place. It could have something to do with an update of (supposedly) outdated drivers for the Gigabyte mb. It seems like the 3rd-pty driver software lie DriverAgent, Detective etc do not always identify need for updates correctly nor point to the correct drivers.....??? Any comments?

No clear answer

Sat, 2011-04-02 15:07 by admin

I doubt that anybody can give a clear answer.

Have any BIOS settings changed? Even a small change in those that are related to the SATA controller can lead to a renewed hardware detection.

What you could do, over and above being happy that the drivers have apparently settled down, is try to get the very latest drivers for the motherboard and install them.

In theory, of course, the hardware detection should only happen once. If it keeps happening, the cause could even be a hardware defect, like a flakey contact. But if the problem never occors again, then there is no reason to worry.

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