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Home Network ran OK under XP. In the Windows 7 & XP) environment, the XP computers could see each other but the W7 PC could not connect to my workgroup.
Solution: Network Connection showed LAN properties for both notebooks:
Client Netware, Client MS Networks, Service Advertising Protocol, File & Printer Sharing , QoS Packet Scheduler
MS TCP/IP v.6, NW Link Access BIOS, NWLink IPX/SPX/Netbios CTP, IP (TCP/IP) ----obtain IP address & DNS automatically
After leaving ony Client MS Networks, File&Printer sharing, QoS Packet, TCP/IP, Rebooted and everything is there!
Hope this helps somebody!

Some more hints

Fri, 2010-10-15 08:23 by admin

  1. Make sure you have shared the desired folders. At least two are shared by default, but you can share others.
  2. Remove any homegroups
  3. Choose a home connection for your connection.
  4. In the "Network and sharing center" click on "Choose homegroup and sharing options…"
  5. Click on "Change advanced sharing settings".
  6. Expand "Home and Work".
  7. Make sure the following options are selected:
    1. Network discovery
    2. File and printer sharing
    3. "Sharing so that anyone with network access can open files" or alternatively, "Sharing so that anyone with network access can open, change and create files"
    4. "Password protected sharing" should be off for a first test. You can still enable it later, when everything works.
    5. Use user accounts and passwords to connect to other computers

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