Windows XP Explorer - Search Companion - crashes - C++ Runtime Error

Fri, 2010-08-27 19:34 by chota300 · Forum/category:

I have Windows XP with all the latest updates, both critical and optional, applied on both instances of my dual-boot system on C: & H:. ( I have a dual boot to hopefully workaround Windows errors. )
On my C: instance, I had installed Windows Search, but I did not like it's performance or behavior, so I uninstalled Search & use Search Companion. On my H: instance, I never installed Windows Search.

I am now finding that on both instances, search ( companion ) crashes with a C++ run time error.
I am searching my Q: drive - an external USB drive I use for backups.
My Advanced options include searching system & hidden folders because I need to find some of those.
Even more disturbing is that when I boot to & search from my H: instance, Explorer opens some Windows files on my C: drive!

Maybe someone knows of a hot fix for this?

Thanks, John

3rd Party File & Folder Search Tool ?

Sat, 2010-08-28 22:24 by chota300

Does anyone have a free 3rd party search tool to recommend?
I have found 3 or 4, but each either searches only file names and/or indexes file contents to search for strings.
All I want to do is search for file and folder names on demand.
Thanks, John

Use a third-party program

Sat, 2010-08-28 05:04 by admin

My tolerance for defective software is very small. Add to this the experience that almost all peripheral functions that come with Windows are of poor quality, and my recommendation should be obvious—always use a good third-party program when you need reliability and quality.

I have no recommendation, but I know that several good search programs are out there.

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