Regedit command line switches

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REGEDIT.EXE imports and exports registry files to and from the registry. Usage:

REGEDIT [/L:system] [/R:user] filename1
REGEDIT [/L:system] [/R:user] /C filename2
REGEDIT [/L:system] [/R:user] /E filename3 [regpath1]
REGEDIT [/L:system] [/R:user] /D regpath2

/L:system – Specifies the location of the SYSTEM.DAT file.

/R:user – Specifies the location of the USER.DAT file.

filename1 – Specifies the file(s) to import into the registry.

/C filename2 – Specifies the file to create the registry from.

/E filename3 – Specifies the file to export the registry to.

regpath1 – Specifies the starting registry key to export from. (Defaults to exporting the entire registry.)

/D regpath2 – Specifies the registry key to delete. [Win98/ME only]

/S – UNDOCUMENTED [USE WITH CAUTION]; executes any REGEDIT command line operation quietly, without asking for confirmation. Available in most or all versions of Windows.