i need a software to install multiple apps unattended (like ninite, but working offline)

Sat, 2010-05-22 07:06 by arkadium · Forum/category:

hello everybody,

i need a software to install multiple apps unattended (like those on ninite.com, but working offline). because it will help me a lot after instaling a fresh windows.

with this kind of software i'll be able to create a multi executable file with all the drivers and utilitary software i need after installing a fresh windows on a computer (ex: drivers, winamp, office, nero, players, etc).. without needing to click always on NEXT NEXT ALLOW, ETC

can you help me? is there a software to create something like that?
i'm waiting for your answers and suggestions.


Tue, 2010-06-22 05:31 by patoruso

Hi everyone, i have used a project i made in Autoplay Media Studio to do the job i called it OEM3, it is based on scripts and batch files, i made it like a year ago and tried to keep it updated and published on a web site, unfortunately the site closed so links are dead. Since then i haven't updated it.

It's about 650mb and it installs about 25 apps which you can select then hit the install button and it'll begin. It doesn't install toolbars and other junk.

I could update it again if i get some help.If you are interested in helping in the development or just want me to upload the file like it's right know let me know, some screen captures of it in autoplay:



ok found one

Sun, 2010-05-23 12:46 by imnotahippie

ok so i was looking for the same thing. i also noticed ninite was offline.

so i read this and when i found another site to use i figured i would register and post a comment since forums have helped me out in many other ways in the past.

its called allmyapps.com its not as easy to use and will ask you to register for more then 1 app at a time but dose work.

anyways hope you get what you need.. take care man and good luck.

thanks a lot, but i had known

Sun, 2010-05-23 15:04 by arkadium

thanks a lot, but i had known the site and it doesn't help me so much because their services are quite expensive...i'd like something totally offline and much more simplier...thank a lot again

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