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How can I move my installation to a bigger hard disk?

Partition Magic by PowerQuest is indeed a wonderful solution for your problem.

But let me also add a few caveats. First, be sure you have a complete backup. For example, I once destroyed one partition with all my data in it, because I forgot to disable a BIOS boot sector and partition table virus protection feature before using Partition Magic. The process died in the middle and the partition was so thoroughly corrupted that I couldn't even read the volume label from it. Of course I did have a fresh backup, so all I lost was two hours.

Second, I found that the Partition Magic emergency diskette DOS version is more reliable than the Windows version. Since I know this, I only use the DOS diskette version for critical operations.

Third, Magic Mover doesn't work for me. It attempts to change a few drive letters in a few places, but it misses most. For example, it seems to overlook that drive letters can occur in variable and key names in the registry. Do not rely entirely on that program.

Fourth, if you use Windows 2000 or XP, be sure your version of Partition Magic is new enough to be compatible with it. I'm not sure whether the NT service pack 4 also contains some subtle changes to NTFS, so recheck your Partition Magic version. You probably want at least version 8.

But in spite of these warnings, I greatly appreciate Partition Magic and recommend it.

There are some other programs that are allegedly as good or better, most notably BootIt NG ( or Drive Image can also copy whole partitions from one drive to another, if both drives are in the same machine, and enlarge the copied partition.

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