Access denied when deleting folder

Fri, 2010-04-23 17:45 by peedabz · Forum/category:

Access denied when deleting folder and previous files from previous OS remained...

I just wanna ask for help. I keep on formatting my pc because of virus issue then i noticed that the free space of my disk are getting smaller. Maybe its because of the stored files from my previous OS.. Is there any way to solve this problem? when i try to open the folders of my latter account it shows "ACCESS DENIED"...I could tell that its still there because when i ran system scan with an antivirus it shows the files stored in my previous account.

My current OS by the way is WinXP...the i cant find the security tab on its properties...

Please reply this post or PM me thru my e-mail.

I would appreciate your response to my problem..!! Im so frustrated about this..

Thank you!! =)

Cannot delete file or folder

Fri, 2010-04-23 19:36 by admin

If access rights are the problem, just give the Everyone group full access to the folder, then delete it.

However, if you don't even have a security tab then you apparently use the FAT32 file system, rather than NTFS, and so you have no file and folder access rights. In that case the cause of the access-denied error is elsewhere.

In any case, if you just want to delete, follow the advice in Cannot delete file or folder. It is always good to read before you write.

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