Vista DEP shutting down wanted email programs from work

Mon, 2010-04-19 10:07 by ldaly58 · Forum/category:

I have windows vista DEP , which prevents me from opening email from work, and shuts down other various programs. I looked up info to disable it, and followed those directions, however, it still does not allow me to view email from work. Honestly I wish they had never put this program on my pc, or at least they should have put in a feature that said "do you want to view this program?" before shutting it down. Can anyone help me>?

Data Execution Prevention

Mon, 2010-04-19 12:24 by admin

Please read this for background information on Data Execution Prevention (DEP).

First of all, it must be a very old or truly strange email program that falls foul of DEP. DEP is a good defense against certain software errors and attacks and is generally a good thing.

My first recommendation in this case would be to update the email program to a fresh version.

However, if you so desire, you can disable DEP to run old or bad software. When DEP is disabled, it will not block any program. I suspect that it is not disabled on your computer.

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