I want to Share my CPU's on LAN on Network

Mon, 2010-02-15 01:41 by anonymous · Forum/category:

I found & installed this software Called CoMosix after searching for almost a month
it is made from openmosix made for linux
comosix is made for Windows

problem is i am confused how to use it because its user Interface not GUI base like openmosix but Console/Terminal base.
comosix is from sourceforge
can anyone know how should i use this program?
i really want to share my 2Ghz CPU's on 5 PC's
connected on LAN with Private IP
so that i can increase my computers performance by getting resources from other CPU's. on network
I will able to get 10GHz speed on gaming that way

Required Files for Comosix to Work on Windows
comosix-1.2.2.exe Setup

I want someone who have Experienced with Linux
to Give me Easy to Understand Instructions
to make it work Please

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