WINDOWS 7 reinstall - MBR erased - No Recovery DVD

Mon, 2010-02-08 21:57 by ggorine · Forum/category:

Hi guys
I`ve got that oriole problem.

I had a problem with Windows 7 unable to boot with another Ubuntu partition. I took ours to be able to back up all the files in windows using a XP live disk. After the back up i had all my files safe but the grab has been damaged and no OS wanted to load (error 17).

After few attempts, my MBR sectors has been erased including the partition table.
So now i`ve got a lonely 250 gb unallocated partition.

Now i just want to have a genuine copy of Windows 7, but the laptop came to me with zero recovery DVDs or else and the partition containing the recover get "s…cr..e…wed".

The only things i`ve got are few Ubuntu live cds, a pirate copy of windows7 , a windows XP cd and
THE WINDOWS 7 PRODUCT KEY printed on my laptop bottom.

I hope somebody can help me!
(i was thinking about installing a Windows7 pirate copy and make in genuine with my product key, but i`m not sure)

Ask the manufacturer

Mon, 2010-02-08 22:46 by admin

First thing I'd do is to check the web site of the computer's manufacturer or call their service number. They should at least deliver a recovery CD with the computer.

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