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Help! Can't boot WinXP with IBM T42p - doesn't display Windows screen!?

I have an IBM Thinkpad T42p with WinXP and when I boot it up the initial IBM screen comes up where you can press an F key to go into different modes or BIOS utility. The machine never goes to the "Windows XP" screen with the bar and it loading.

But after that the screen is blank and the computer doesn't boot up - just nothing happens (although the battery, power, and dvd drive lights are on)

I pressed F8 and booted in safe mode and it started listing all the drivers it was loading and stopped at "isapnp" - I went into the BIOS and disabled the USB b/c in the past I would have issues with the USB ports not working but that didn't fix anything either.

Do you think a virus wiped out my Windowsa or the USB issue is preventing start-up or the motherboard is fried or the hard drive has an issue or something? Is there anything I can do to get the computer on and boot up so I can pull my files off at least? How can I view the boot log or see what's going on?

1st. you said windows stops

Sun, 2010-02-14 20:42 by MR.Walker (not verified)

1st. you said windows stops at isapnp, what is file extension?
a. locate the directory & rename the isapnp to isapnp_disabled. try booting xp normally now. if don't work.
b. if you find that file on xp setup cd, copy that file on your
hdd, use 'expand' command. syntax: expand isapnp
copy file to to that directory rename current one & copy new one. Live CD that loads windows directly from CD may be helpful.

2nd. check boot sequence set 1st boot hdd. disable any other devices from booting
3rd. try disable PCI/ISA slots one by one from bios


Sun, 2010-01-31 15:29 by admin

One possible cause among many is a worm that is currently making the rounds. It is called Zimuse, and it kills the Master Boot Record (MBR) of infected computers after some time of lying dormant.

But it could be something else as well. The hard disk could be failing. Who knows?

I would first try to rewrite the MBR, as described in "Move an entire Windows installation", chapter Copy one installation by using another, subchapter "Put a boot sector on the new disk". You'll have to attach the disk to another computer or boot another Windows installation, like BartPE. Run the Zimuse remover first, to be on the safe side. Then recreate the MBR on the problem disk.

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