Apple cripples the iPhone

Sun, 2009-09-20 09:51 by admin

iPhone's Bad Business

Millions of users of the Apple’s wildly popular phone just found out it no longer works with office email systems. Did Steve Jobs’ company betray its users?

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What a difference a little update makes. Users of Apple's iPhone models 3G and earlier got a rude awakening at work this past week: Their phones no longer work with their office's email systems.

It seems the culprit is the latest software update, 3.1, which—to make it simple—has forced Apple to now admit that it never really was compatible with Microsoft Exchange's encryption protocols. Before, it simply acted like it was compatible, without ever doing the processor-intensive number-crunching to actually encrypt the Exchange data that it downloaded, as it promised it was doing. The iPhone worked with Exchange, that much is true. But it did so by pretending to do something it couldn't. Or now won't. …

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This blogger's personal opinion

Seems that even my darkest predictions are being overtaken by the truth. Apple is now also completely forbidding tethering (letting your computer connect to the Internet through the phone). They are, in my view, crippling the device to an unacceptable extent.

Almost unimaginable greed is getting in our way. When you buy an iPhone, you actually don't own it.

I'm going to get a Google Android phone. Even if Google attempted similar things, with such a phone I can always take ownership, get root access, re-enable blocked functions, and generally do with it what I want.