brand new mobo, awdflash and bios problems

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So I am building a computer for a friend, and my brother is usually around to help me out, but this is the first one i am trying to build all on my own. anyways, its got an ASUS P5NSLI mobo, and when i first booted up it said !!error awdflash.exe is not found with cd rom!! when i was trying to boot and install windows. it also said "BIOS rom checksum error" so i made a ms-dos start up disk, and copied the asus award bios flash utility and my mobo's most recent bios bin file(which i renamed to P5NSLI.bin) onto the boot disk. when i started up the computer it checked the cd drive and failed, and then checked the A: and booted automatically into the flash utility.

It asked File Name to Program: and was blank for a second, and then it automatically typed in:
PN5NSLI .BIN I dont know if the spaces between the name and the extension mean anything, but i know that the actual filename has no spaces. anyways, after the filename comes up, the flash utility hangs. It says "Message: " at the bottom, but doesnt have anything there. "Enter" and "Y" dont do anything.

I cant get into any kind of BIOS setings to reset to default, and i've never had to do the battery replacement/reset thing i've been reading about. again, this is a new motherboard. Also, I do not have the support CD that should have came with the mobo. I bought it OEM from So i had to download the awdflash utility and the 1801.bin file from asus.

I dont know what else to do here. Thank you for an help you can give me.

Why bother?

Sat, 2009-07-18 09:15 by admin

If you've followed the manual carefully, and it still does not work, I would first call the dealer and ask them what to do. If that does not help, then I would immediately return the motherboard. Some of them are dead on arrival.

Manufacturers these days often don't do thorough quality checks. They rely on dealers and customers to find the defects. Asus' track record is not the best either.

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