keyboard error really was corrupted touchpad driver.

Wed, 2009-04-22 22:27 by mike_flood · Forum/category:

For about 3 months I tried to get Asus to fix what acted like a keyboard error on my Eee PC 1000HD/XP.

The cursor (character position) would jump around with no pattern. There were never character errors (wrong character) just in the wrong place.

I sent it to their repair depots in Indiana and Califoria. Each time it came back at NTF (No Trouble Found) In California they even replaced the keyboard. No change.

Then I noticed that the touchpad was far more sensitive than needed.

I downloaded a driver update from the touchpad manufacturers website and that fixed it.

It was a very frustrating experience which included on tech telling me I just had to "live with it"

I just wanted to share this experience and perhaps save someone similar frustration or expense.

Thanks for reporting this

Thu, 2009-04-23 16:57 by admin

I have the same situation on several laptops. When I accidentally move my hand near the touchpad, and that is really unavoidable, the cursor jumps, and that is really nasty.

On some computers, like Asus, one can totally disable the touchpad in the BIOS settings, which solves the problem if you have a mouse connected anyway, but on others, like Packard Bell, the touchpad cannot be disabled, and one really has to live with it. Perhaps gluing some metal foil over the touchpad would be a measure of last resort. (:-)

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