Computer does not boot

Tue, 2009-04-21 09:21 by dkdhiraj · Forum/category:

My windows runs smoothly as long as i do not shut down, may be for months. Even restart is not a problem. But when it gets shut down once, it does not start. And my technician say " Sir, ur SMPS has gone." he changes the smps and it starts n shuts down for two three times and i am a happy person. But again the same problem.
Please help me!!!!

Thanks in advance.

What is SMPS?

Tue, 2009-04-21 12:05 by admin

Do you mean the power supply? How often has it been swapped? Is it strong enough?

Please give some more information. Which version of Windows and which service pack are you running? Is the version fully up to date, for example through automatic updates?

For how long do you have the problem. What happened just before the problem appeared?

What exactly happens when you try to boot the computer?

yeah, i meant power supply by

Tue, 2009-04-21 19:44 by dkdhiraj

yeah, i meant power supply by SMPS. its 3rd time in one month time. I could not get what do you mean by is it strong enough.
I am using windows XP2. And it can't be updated( i guess u know why!).
its been for last two months. I guess it started all of sudden, there has been no any change tht can be felt.
When i try to boot, nothing comes no sound no light. it seems as its not getting any power supply. but there is a light in motherboard which is on.
For example today i had shut down in the morning and when came in afternoon, it just dint start. but after sometime power went so does the UPS supply consequently. Then after 20-25 mins when power came, it started on its own!!!
I am not able to understand whats the problem is!!!

if you need any more information please do reply back.
thanx again.

Hardware defect

Wed, 2009-04-22 05:36 by admin

With "strong enough" I mean, can the power supply supply the current the computer draws? If your computer draws a peak power of 300 W, but the power supply is only rated for 200 W, then you get problems.

If the computer doesn't even begin to boot, then this is not a Windows problem, but defective hardware. [This article has therefore been moved to the hardware forum.] In the boot process you should first see some output from the BIOS, then the Windows boot menu, then the Windows loading screen with the running pearls. If you see neither the Windows boot menu, nor the Windows loading screen, then the computer is defective and you'll have to repair it. Check also the BIOS settings.

As to the updating, if you cannot or do not update, then your computer is highly vulnerable to all kinds of widespread attacks and is likely infected. In this case all bets are off, and I cannot provide support. This web site also cannot support unpaid copies of Windows.

There are some viruses that infect the computer's BIOS, which could also cause such problems.

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