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Wed, 2009-04-01 01:28 by fallsoff · Forum/category:

I have a Dell C610 laptop with XP Pro SP3. I am mainly using T-Mobile Hotspot internet at this time.WIFI adapter is Intel mini-pci ProWireless 2200bg unit with Intel drivers

Frequently, clicked links and, occasionally, loading webpages 'stall' and will not load, [sometimes when sending email also]. I have to open the systray WIFI icon and click on the 2-computers icon or, more often, open up the available networks page and click on the active network. Then I can go back to the link or stalled item and click it again. Often the loading will go forward after doing this when it would not do so before. Somehow, this is 'energising' the system.

At all times, the WIFI system shows that I am connected and have a strong signal while all of this is going on.

I call this 'tickling'.

I do not know why this is happening and am looking for feedback, or a better solution.
Please advise if this makes sense to anyone.

Some thoughts

Wed, 2009-04-01 14:30 by admin

Of course I cannot know the cause, so I can offer just a few thoughts.

One is that it is difficult to tell whether the "tickling" really helps or whether the network connection is merely slow and a repeated click or simply waiting works just as well without the "tickling", then the "tickling" was an illusion. The human brain is a causality seeker and often enough sees causality where there isn't any, particularly with such strange technical effects. Has happened to me often enough.

If the WiFi adapter is external or plug-in, one very good test would be to borrow a different one and test that. If there is a computer shop nearby, perhaps they would be willing to help you with this.

Then there are a thousand possible disturbances in the networking software of Windows or of the driver that could cause this. Even a computer virus infection could cause it.

Have you asked other users of the same hotspot about their experience? Do they all have good and fast connections? Or do they also have problems?

re: 'tickling'

Sat, 2009-04-04 04:06 by fallsoff

I haven't compared notes with others. I do find the tickle cure to be effective at jump starting links and DLs. I do not believe that it is an illusion or misperception, as it does usually work when nothing else does. I am looking for possible cures. I have swapped adapters and have had the same symptomology.
Thanks for the input,

More thoughts

Sat, 2009-04-04 08:12 by admin

Have you tried another WiFi adapter of a different type? Which type is it anyway? There is a lot of cheap rubbish on the market with all kinds of flaws and design defects.

If you use the software (besides the driver) that came with the adapter, try to disable or uninstall that and use the function built into Windows instead. That is often better than some manufacturers' crap.

If that is not the cause, you may want to fill in the form in the Network Problem Solver and thoroughly check everything that comes up. I could think of Winsock corruption, corruption of the entire IP stack, adware/spyware infection, etc. But it is better to use the web page, as it is much more thorough.

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