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Wed, 2009-02-25 23:29 by Shuminfo · Forum/category:

I'm not sure why one minute I had a working task manager and the next try on opening it, did not work.
It opens and you can see what programs are running. You can actually select a program and shut it down or switch to another one.

The top portion of the task manager is missing. There are no tabs and the normal blue bar at the top is gone.

Can you help
Thank you


Thu, 2009-02-26 07:49 by admin

Some Trojans like to mutilate the Task Manager to make it more difficult to detect and kill them. Suspicions are:

  • Windows Update is not running properly.
  • You recently opened a bad email attachment.
  • You don't have a virus scanner running that is getting daily updates.
  • Your computer was or is connected to the Internet without an effective firewall or NAT (Network Address Translation) router.

Of course it could be something else. Try an appropriate Google search.

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