What would happen if I set password on the built in administrator user

Wed, 2008-12-17 18:36 by johnmike · Forum/category:

Dear All,

I have never to my knowledge used the built in administrator user. When I took delivery of this machine I created my own users and allocated 1 as the administrator.

If I was to use the set password task in the Computer Manager would this create any problems ?


You mean changing the admin password?

Wed, 2008-12-17 21:16 by admin

If you can log in as any user with administrator rights, then you can change the password of any other user, including the original "Administrator". This causes no problems, other than that the previous password no longer works.

The typical scenario would be that one has forgotten the original administrator's password and therefore wants to reset it. Yes, you can always do this, and it's actually a good idea, because you usually want to have a second administrator account, just in case the other one gets clobbered, for example, if the profile gets damaged and prevents the login.

Just make sure you don't forget all administrator passwords at the same time, because then it becomes a lot more difficult to regain admin rights.

A related issue is the setting to automatically block and unblock an account, if someone tries to log on and fails to enter the correct password several times. I believe the default setting is that the account gets deactivated after three failed attempts and is automatically reactivated after 15 minutes. These settings can be changed.

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