administrator cannot change settings

Wed, 2008-07-09 06:18 by fishcat · Forum/category:

Am logged in as admin but no changes can be made to the system. when I attempt to make a change (msconfig, etc.) windows lets me know that I am not logged in as admin. But I am definitely the admin.

I Installed winXP Pro on this machine some time ago. Also have SP2 and SP3. Have had no other problems that make any difference.
Because this is an HP machine I have to get tech support from the far East and I am trying to avoid that hassle.

Anyone have any suggestions...

Thanks, Fishcat

Insufficient information

Wed, 2008-07-09 16:59 by admin

There are many possible causes, like a malware infection, a change of the administrator rights, a change of the object rights in the file system.

But without administrator rights you are essentially locked out of the system, so the situation looks a bit bleak.

I guess the article "Forgot administrator password" won't help much either, since you have the administrator password.

I'm not sure whether it would help, but it's probably worth a try to do a Repair Installation.

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