resetdma.vbs - lost CD/DVDRW drive

Thu, 2008-07-03 10:47 by zelenizub · Forum/category:

I used script resetdma.vbs
to fix my problem with DMA and PIO, but now I have bigger problem , ater running script there is no my CD/DVDRW drive any more.
I think that my secondary IDE channel doesnt work any more.
I tryed everything and now Im stuck,any help?
anyone who know to read script,what harm it done to my PC.
I planed to reinstall XP but its not possible as my CD is dead, even eject button doesnt work. Please help!!!

Don't panic

Thu, 2008-07-03 13:13 by admin

The first step is to power down the computer entirely, wait 10 seconds, then power up again. Is the drive back?

The next step is to start the hardware recognition to try to detect the drive: Control Panel, Add New Hardware (hdwwiz.cpl)

If that also doesn't help, your next step is to use System Restore to roll back the system to the last point in time before it happened, probably the very last restore point of today or yesterday.

By the way, it is highly unlikely that the script disabled your DVD drive, because it does not touch any essential settings. Something else has happened.

The most likely cause is a hardware failure of one of the drive's cables, data or power, or of the drive itself. You can test this by removing and reattaching the cables, and then by putting the drive into another computer, using the same data cable, then, in the next test, another data cable.

Please report your progress here to help others who may experience something similar.

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