Not enough server storage

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Error messages:

  • Not enough server storage is available to process this command.
  • Not enough memory to complete transaction. Close some applications and retry.

These error messages on a computer, which we will call computer A, can indicate the IRPStackSize bug on the other machine, the server that has the share, which we will call computer B. Go to that other computer, B, open the event log, and check for event ID 2011. If this is present, it is a strong indication for this particular bug. The two computers again:

  1. The computer trying to access a share on the other computer over the network, displays the error message, "Not enough …". Let's call this one the client.
  2. The server where the share is, needs to have its IRPStackSize parameter increased. Let's call this one the server, even if it is just a desktop computer.

To repair it, you have to set or increase the IRPStackSize parameter in the registry on the server where the share is, i.e. on computer B.

There are many reports (below), indicating that a value of 15 is not enough, and only values in the range of 16 to 25 solved the problem.

The most successful values used to be 16 and 18, but recently we have more reports of 20 and more. If you want to solve the problem quickly, try 20.

It is not quite clear whether higher values incur any cost in terms of memory usage or performance, but it is conceivable that they don't. If so, then we probably should just set the value to its maximum of 50 and forget about it.

And don't forget to reboot after each change, because only that makes the new value effective. Thanks to everybody who tested and reported!

Please add a comment below to report which value you used to make it work. If you find the time to experiment, please report the lowest value that worked. Please try also to set it back to a lower value and recheck whether that indeed makes it fail. Reboot after each change.

Here is the offending registry value:

IRPStackSize DWORD 0x0000000f (15)

Check for the presence of the value named IRPStackSize. If it doesn't exist, create it as type DWORD and make sure you have the capitalization absolutely correct (5 upper case, 7 lower case characters), because the system strangely seems to depend on that. Make sure also that you haven't by mistake added a leading or trailing space as described in this comment below.

With base set to decimal, enter the value 16 or higher. 15 is the default, so entering 15 should have the same effect as removing that value altogether.

Reboot the computer (or restart the server service, as described in the comment below: Worked for me).

Certain software, when installed on the server, also causes this error. One frequent culprit is

  • Norton AntiVirus,

which tends to change the registry parameter. See also: How to remove Norton software. Other culprits seem to be

  • Acronis TrueImage, version 10 or 2009 or higher,
  • Seagate DiscWizard (a rebranded version of Acronis TrueImage),
  • IBM AntiVirus,
  • Microsoft's Bitdefender, and
  • Symantec EndPoint Protection (version 11+),
  • AVG 2011+.

Some reports state that only uninstalling solves the problem. If you have such a case, please report your findings here.

Check also this Microsoft Knowledge Base article. It does not mention Windows XP, but applies to XP as well.

Antivirus Software May Cause Event ID 2011 (Q177078)

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Removing Acronis TrueImage 2010 Will Solve The Problem

Thu, 2010-05-20 15:27 by fudot

I tried what the article said that by removing some programs like the Acronis TrueImage will somewhat solve the problem. So, I tried to apply it to see whether such suggestion is quite effective for this special problem. And I was not disappointed because it do really effect, 100%. Tips on how to do it more effective:

♠ The Acronis program should be remove completely in the system through the Control Panel, remove and add programs;
♠ Wait for the program to prompt you on what steps to do next; and
♠ Don't forget to reboot or restart the PC if the program deleted doesn't inform you that you have to reboot the computer to effect the changes made.

After that, believe it or not, the problem is gone. And the PC clients across a network can now access the folders and drives of the Server shared in the network with no hassle at all. Thanks for the article before this.

You folks are a life

Sun, 2010-05-16 17:02 by Mark Phelps

You folks are a life saver!!

My XP machine recently crashed (8-year old mobo & CPU), so I bought a new mobo/cpu and reinstalled XP on it.

Since this was a new system, thought I would upgrade Acronis True Image home as well.

Then today, when I tried to access the shared drives -- got this error message. Have tried IRPStackSize values all the way up to 48 -- no success.

THEN, thankfully, a Google search got me this page. I removed ATI Home 2010 and -- miracle of miracles -- file sharing is back!

Yours is the ONLY link Google turned up that mentioned the ATI Home problem.

Acronis Was The Problem

Sat, 2010-05-15 13:07 by martoonman

Problem was fixed as soon as Acronis was uninstalled. Tried the Lanman Server route 1st. Had No effect. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Solved but not quite.

Sun, 2010-05-02 04:24 by AussieRodney

I have increased the Lanman Server value on my XP "server" to decimal 48, as it is the common share for the whole house.

I have also created & increased the Lanman Workstation value on my laptop to decimal 48, in the vague hope that it's also something to do with outgoing connections as well. I figure that as long as I remain below the maximum values, it can't hurt.

I don't have any of the "known" culprits installed.

But I still haven't eliminated the error altogether. I just see it less often - about every 24 hours on average.

Rare case

Mon, 2010-05-03 05:06 by admin

Please let everybody here know if you find out what could cause this and how you solved it, if you find a solution.

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Better than Microsoft Support by far

Thu, 2010-04-29 19:26 by gigantech internet

I had fetched the microsoft resolution method first, but it made NO difference to this problem. When I stumbled across this site a few hours later, I was amazed to find the values for IRPStackSize were a lot larger than what MS stated. My first attempt at changing this to your recommended value of 21 was successful. It's good to find people that know the software giant's programs better than the designers themselves. This site is in my favourites and will be used before ever looking at MS again. Thank you.

Access denied....not enough server storage..

Thu, 2010-04-29 16:21 by nkp555

Thanks!!!!! I've been trouble-shoooting network access to one of my computers for months. I would never have suspected Acronis True Image as the culprit, but all my problems went away after uninstalling it. I had no IRPStackSize registry entry and putting one in didn't help at any value I tried.

It worked!

Fri, 2010-04-16 17:46 by ChasM

It appears this occured when I had installed Acronis True Image on the computer conatining the share. I set the IRPStackSize DWORD to 20 decimal. At the time there was no value in the Parameter grooup. I added this. After a restart, my notebook can now communciate with my main desktop computer and see all the shares. Thanks fro a very compre3hensive website,


Exactly same problem here

Sat, 2010-05-01 03:09 by rperez333

Exactly same problem here with Acronis True Image. Solved exactly as above.

Yet another culprit

Tue, 2010-04-06 21:11 by BobCo

Bottom Line Up Front: Symantec EndPoint Protection (version 11+) also creates this problem. Modifying the registry as noted earlier (I used decimal 20) fixed this. THANK YOU ALL!

Background if you're interested:

I had three machines in question, all on my home LAN, all running XP Pro with SP3: a Dell laptop (A), a Dell desktop (B), and a SysteMax desktop (C). All had Acronis (and Apricorn), ZoneAlarm (free), and Norton corporate antivirus (v All worked and communicated (file sharing) flawlessly, so Acronis did not seem to be a problem.

Then I "upgraded"...

The corporate IT weenies recommended all employees run WebRoot SpySweeper and Symantec EndPoint Protection (SEP) on their home machines. There was a corporate license for these that included home users (I telecommute frequently). I loaded them on my laptop (my work machine) (A) and the SysteMax (C). Installations went smoothly. For (B), I installed WebRoot but not SEP (I stayed with NAV).

Afterwards, B could not view files on A or C, but A and C could view files on B (A could not view C and vice versa). So if I wanted to copy a file from B to A, I had to do that from A (pull) rather than from B (push). Same story with C as with A. Given that the only difference between A, B, and C was the absence of SEP on B, it appears that is the problem. Doing the registry fix on A and C solved this and they're all living happily ever-after.

So this would seem to be not necessarily Acronis (all machines worked fine with it and NAV), but with SEP (possibly combined with Acronis).

Hope this helps someone. I did not have to un-install Acronis to make this work.


Wed, 2010-04-07 10:16 by admin

Thanks for your detailed report!

I have added Symantec EndPoint Protection (version 11+) to the list of potential culprits in the main article at the top.

Done this 3 times...

Fri, 2010-04-02 18:40 by ldolencio


Thanks for the information regarding fixing the problem "Not enough storage..." I have not encountered this error message until I installed the application "FLV Editor Pro." Everytime I open the program and use it, the error pops up like stairs until it reaches the bottom of the screen. At first, I changed the IRPStackSize to "20" because that is waht you quoted (If you want to solve the problem quickly, try 20.) It worked but after a day, the error pops up again and even in other applications so I tried changing IRPStackSize to "26" because I have read here that someone used the value and worked. This time, I have to create the IRPStackSize in the Parameters because its not there. I followed the instructions you made and it worked. After another day, the error starts popping out again so I changed the value to "30." I hope the error will no longer show here in my computer. I have done virus scanning and my PC has no virus. Can you offer other solution if the problem still persist?

Thank you very much and God Bless!


Thu, 2010-03-25 21:02 by psymdz

… I did have the "Not enough storage" error, and your web solved it perfectly. It now is clear that the Acronis program -- which I like a lot -- did trigger the problem. I am eternally grateful for your assistance; I agonized over it for several days before having the good sense to Google the problem and getting to you. I simply want to echo all of the compliments that now has been said many times by the users of your web site. …

[admin: Reposted from email with permission.]

Seagate DiscWizard culprit

Fri, 2010-03-19 14:05 by ftrippie

Thanks to the last comment, I uninstalled the DiscWizard (which is from Acronis as indicated) and voila! it worked straight away (after a reboot)!

Thanks very much!

Huge help read a lot of other posts--this was the best

Thu, 2010-03-11 11:43 by dl_jacobson

I registered so i could thank you for your excellent help. I read a number of post on the subject; many blamed anti-virus in general. I tried removing my CA Internet Security Suite, which has never given me any trouble, and this did not help. Then I tried removing Acronis 9 WD edition and the share popped right up without my having to touch the registy. One test I would recommend to zero in on this problem is, if viable, attempt to share a printer on your computer B example. If Acronis is the culprit, you will still be able to see and use shared printers, but will get the error on shared drives. Thank you again!

Well done. It worked.

Sun, 2010-03-14 03:40 by AussieRodney

This error first cropped up when I added a Windows 7 notebook to my network.

I applied the fix to both of the XP devices that I usually map drives on, using decimal 20 as the value.

I then checked back on both of those devices for errors in the event viewer & found that on one of them, there were tons of errors marked source = NetBT, Event = 4321, dating back to last year! The error log suddenly stops at about the time that I made the change on that device. Didn't even have to reboot for it to take effect.

It doesn't seem to be associated with any particular installed application, except perhaps a Forex trading platform.

So far, I haven't seen the "Not enough storage is available to process this command" error again on the notebook.

Update: Bugger! It's back. Just not as often.

> 20

Sun, 2010-03-14 10:01 by admin

A few people reported that they needed a higher value than 20.

I cannot find out whether that finding was erroneous, caused by misleading sporadic errors, or genuine. More testing may be needed.

Uninstalling the usual suspects (Acronis et al.) may also solve the problem.

Norton IS 2010 or Acronis Disk Director?

Mon, 2010-02-22 13:32 by ynavad

Generally the Norton IS-2010 is an excellent package - much better than their previous packages - this is the first (possible) blip I've had.
However, I can't say for sure the problem lies with them. I don't have Acronis True Image, but I do have Acronis Disk Director 10 recently installed.
So it could be either, or both together. If I find the time to test, I'll re-post.

My fix also required a setting of 30. (At least, 20 didn't work and 30 did.)

Very glad it's fixed!


Sat, 2010-02-20 04:09 by stevedti

After quite a few hours of trying to figure this out using Google and MS sources, I stumbled on this site. With all the years of experience I have, there's the constant reminder there's too much to know. Thanks for being that extra piece to the puzzle.

Adjusting the IRPStackSize >15 worked. It seems Acronis TrueImage was the culprit on my XP Pro system preventing my Windows 7 Ultimate from seeing the hard drives. Interestingly, my Windows 7 system could see my 16 GB USB flash through my KVM switch/USB Hub located on teh XP Pro system but not the hard drives on that system. Once again, Thanks.

FIXED Thank you for the clear explanation

Wed, 2010-02-17 15:18 by pharring

I have been struggling with this all year on and off. Finally decided to do the research to fix it. Spent hours setting up all the machines correctly etc but still had this issue, then found your site and this ever so simple fix and bingo its working just like that. Ten minutes work. Thanks for the tip.

I registered so I could thank

Mon, 2010-02-15 13:28 by Bobble

I registered so I could thank you (but hope I don't have to do this stuff anymore)
1) I verified I was getting the 2011 error in the system event viewer whenever we tried to connect from our new Win 7 laptop to our old XP desktop.
2) I backed up the registry just in case.
3) I used regedit (scary stuff for me) and noted we already had an IRPStackSize entry but it was set to 6, apparently by our Norton Antivirus.
3) I increased it to 15 decimal & rebooted.
ALL IS WELL - Thanks for the information and to all who responded earlier and gave me the confidence to try this suggestion.

Added the missing IRPStackSize and Presto!!!

Thu, 2010-02-11 16:59 by SunshineBarbie

Wow! Thank you for the great help!!! I had to add the IRPStackSize in my registry, then rebooted and tried to access my computer remotely, and did not get the "not enough server storage, blah blah" message. Since I don't visit the registry and try never to change anything in it because I'm not that brave, I wasn't too sure I was doing it correctly, but your instructions were very helpful. At first, after I created the DWORD key and changed the value to 20, I realized the Data Column showed 0x00000014(20) and your example shows 0x000000f(15). I wasn't sure if I was supposed to change the Data Column exactly like your example and really wasn't sure how to change it, so I left it as it was.

After rebooting and trying to access the files I didn't get the error message so, I'm guessing I didn't have to change the Data Column. If I should have changed it, can someone let me know? Also, if I need to change it, do I do that by right clicking on the IRPStackSize value and selecting Modify Binary Data, then changing the 14 to 0f? Or?

Also, if I should change that value for the Data Column to 0f, it will be the same as another key entry just above "autodisconnect REG_DWORD 0x000000f(15). Will that create a conflict?

Again, thanks for the help here.

You have it correct.

Mon, 2010-03-15 19:58 by AussieRodney

The value you have in the DWORD is 0x00000014 which is hexadecimal 14, which equates to decimal 20 - the (20).

Decimal is the number system we are all used to, using base 10.

Hexadecimal is used by computers & is base 16, using the "numbers" 0123456789abcdef for the range 0-15. It is simply an easy way to represent binary numbers, which is what the computer REALLY uses.

The hex 14 is 16*1 + 1*4 = 20. The same way that decimal 20 is 10*2 + 1*0 = 20.

Hope this helps.

It's good

Thu, 2010-02-11 17:30 by admin

You don't have to do anything. 20 (decimal) is OK.

Instead of dealing with the hexadecimal values like f(15), you can switch to decimal and enter decimal values.

The different registry values are independent of each other, so several of them can have the same value. Their names are always different. It's like me having $15 in my pocket and my friend $15 as well. No conflict. (:-)

Acronis was the mystery culprit

Sun, 2010-02-07 04:27 by Tom OD

THANK YOU - who knew ACRONIS was the mystery culprit? You did.

Glad I found you! I suddenly discovered I was unable to access my networked XP drives from my Vista system. Yep, TrueImage clones great (Kudos to them for that). Unfortunately it seems to really hose the registry and disallows network disc/file shares. Uninstalled on XP systems and all is well once again. Just for kicks I upped IRPStacksize to 20. That made for much faster access from Vista to the XP-drive it appears to me. But the fix for "Not Enough Server Storage" was uninstalling ACRONIS TRUE IMAGE. Thanks again - great, great, site.


Two more mysteries

Sun, 2010-02-07 10:08 by admin

My current knowledge is that

  1. IRPStackSize (note the second upper case S) has no measurable influence on speed, only on some buffer memory consumption, and
  2. Acronis TrueImage can remain installed, if IRPStackSize is set high enough.

That said, one may be angry enough at Acronis to uninstall their software anyway.

Worked For Me

Mon, 2010-02-01 02:36 by George Stephens

I had never considered that True Image might be the culprit (even though the only new thing i installed today was True Image Doh!). I have Norton 360 and True Image 11. I had had problems with Norton 360 before and figured that was the cause. Should have know something was off when I disabled the firewall and it still didn't work. Curious thing though File Sharing worked after I uninstalled Norton 360 and still had True Image installed. It must be something to do with the combination of the two.

I was able to get File Sharing back by setting IRPStackSize to 16. The key was not in the registry, I had to add it.


Mon, 2010-02-01 09:30 by admin

Thanks for the interesting info that in your case only both programs together caused the error.

16 has not been enough for quite a few users recently, which is strange. We may never know all the details of this peculiar bug.


Sun, 2010-01-31 18:29 by YadaCode

My fix required a setting of 30. Don't know if this is because of my config. or not but here it is:

I'm running various virtual machines using Hyper-V

Host: Win Server 2008 R2 x64
Guest-1: XP Pro x64 - Acronis Home 2010 - IRPStackSize = 30
Guest-2: XP Pro x64 - Acronis Home 2010 - IRPStackSize = 30

Prior to applying this fix, with Acronis installed on either guest PC the networking stopped working between these 2 VM's. The interesting thing is that networking with other PC's to or from these 2 VM's on my domain worked OK. The issue was only between the 2 XP VM's. Incidentally, all PC's, VM or otherwise on my domain, have Acronis installed. The servers have the server version and the workstations all have 2010...

To confirm it was Acronis I uninstalled Acronis from the VM's and networking was restored. Reistalled Acronis on the VM's and the network stopped working but only between the 2 VM's.

Regardless, this fix worked when applied to both VM's!


I Think I Love You

Sat, 2010-01-30 12:17 by netalyst

Fix worked perfectly for XP server & Windows 7 client laptop. Had to create reg entry as it did not exist. Not sure of the root cause but I am running Acronis True Image 2010 & problem ocurred immediately after upgrade from 2009.

I almost never sign up to boards but just had to this time in order to say:

Many, many THANKS!!

thank you!!!

Fri, 2010-01-29 23:44 by Jon_B

it was my Acronis. Increased the IRP size and now everything is OK. Two days of misery. This website is awesome. thank you.

WhiteDog66's picture

ACRONIS or not, my problem is gone!

Sun, 2010-01-24 02:45 by WhiteDog66

This issue bugged me for months, or maybe it was years. I used Seagate diskwizard for a couple of years, and from time to time my wireless XP laptop could not "see" the shared drives on my main (XP) machine. At this level I could stumble on.

But then I installed the trial version of Acronis Home 2010. I did not even run it. I was pretty well locked out of the machine it is on. Worst of all my OneNote would not synchronize.

I had no IRPStackSize key and made a new one. I have set the value to 26. All is serene.

This was my best tech forum experience.

Acronis update caused problems

Sat, 2010-01-23 06:52 by rtobiz

Thanks for this fix, great to have my network access back. Problem started when I took a long overdue update for Acronis (not 2010).
My IRPStackSize was set to 11, I updated to 15 but no fix. Lacking patience I went to 20 and all is OK.
By the way a Microsoft article on this says to set it to decimal, which I did; but had to do this each time.
(Server is XP pro, client is Vista)
Thanks everyone for the posts!

Decimal or hex

Sun, 2010-01-24 17:10 by admin

It does not matter at all whether you use decimal or hexadecimal data entry—the outcome is exactly the same.

However, if you choose hexadecimal, you have to enter the equivalent hexadecimal number, for example, 14 hexadecimal instead of 20 decimal.

Since we are all used to decimal numbers, it is easier for us to use decimal data entry.


Fri, 2010-01-22 01:25 by SSS

Amazing. It worked. I was nervous changing the registry but I got it. Thanks to whoever was smart enough to figure this out.

Acronis 2009/Norton 360 V3/Windows 7 file sharing

Tue, 2010-01-19 21:51 by GCS104

Many thanks to you for providing this solution which has been occupying me for 2 days! I was happily sharing my files between two XP Pro, one XP Home and one Vista Home Premium systems until I upgraded Norton 360 from V2 to V3 and Acronis TI V11.0 to 2009 home. I used one XP Pro Desktop as my 'server' and suddenly I was no longer able to access this shared data. Having eliminated the obvious suspect (Norton firewall!) and reinstalled all my file shares I was at a loss as to how to proceed. The message I received when I attempted to view the file on the 'server' was simply that I did not have permission to access the files or insufficient memory.
On investigation of the registry on the 'server' the key IRPStackSize did not exist so this was created with the size set at 16. Following a reboot this had no effect on the problem! I have now reset this to 20 and the problem has been solved. I can now share the files as before from the XP Pro and XP Home systems.
Incidentally before I discovered this problem I had upgraded my Vista system to Windows 7 Professional and this is when I first discovered the fact that this could not share the files on my 'server'. This issue has also been fixed and this can share the files with Homegroup disabled.


Tue, 2010-01-19 21:57 by admin

Thanks for reporting back and for the IRPStackSize information. Several recent reports stated that 16 (decimal) was not enough, so I'm thinking of changing the recommendations in the main article accordingly.

Acronis 2010

Mon, 2010-01-04 00:17 by mannypitta

I just installed a trial version of Acronis 2010 on a Dell Dimension 4600 with original 80GB c: drive and two 500GB drives run in RAID 1 for the d: drive. Sharing files with a Fujitsu laptop - was unable to access the shared folders and got the offending message. Decimal 16 and 17 did not work. Decimal 20 worked.

This works

Sat, 2010-01-02 11:47 by Badkrma

I Have both Norton IS 2009 and Acronis installed on my 2 desktop computers. I wanted to install Acronis on the Vista laptop and create and save the image to my older computer desktop for storage through a network. I could make a connection to my Vista laptop using my desktop XP's but it couldn't connect to my XP Home desktop. I did as this thread said and input a value of 16, that did not work, I put in the value of 22 and everything is good. Now all 3 of my computers will network properly.. Thank you very much.. :) I spent about 2 days trying to figure this one out...

Norton 2010?

Tue, 2009-11-24 00:04 by kahunals

I ran into this problem on my three computer network that worked fine up until a short time ago. Adding the IRPStackSize Dword (there was no such item in my registry and setting it to 16 decimal cured the problem. Information on this page suggests that it was Norton Internet Security 2010, which I had installed but then uninstalled a short while ago. With NIS 2010 installed, my local area network did not work at all. That's why I uninstalled it. I used the Norton Removal tool after uninstalling but I still think NIS 2010 is the culprit.

Has anyone had a similar experience?

Acronis was the culprit :( and this was the solution! :)

Sun, 2009-11-22 20:53 by Ken in Regina

This fixed it. I installed Acronis TrueImage Home 2010 yesterday to try it out. Shares that had been working on that machine for years (yes, literally) suddenly stopped being accessable from the other computers on the network.

I created the SRPStackSize parameter and set it to decimal 16 and all is well again.

I will uninstall Acronis as soon as I'm done entering this message. It was among three I tested. For those who want an alternative, check out DriveImageXML for cloning and image backup/restore. It's Freeware and is more flexible. For partition management check out EASEUS Partition Manager. It's free for home use and works really well .. easy to use and very flexible.

I rarely sign up to enter what I hope will be just one message but I really wanted to thank you for having the solution and having such a professional site. Well done.


experience with DriveImageXML and acronis

Fri, 2010-02-12 16:16 by lsattle

I would suggest anyone relying on backup / cloning software to TEST a full restore to a test hard drive before falling in love.

I've proven out acronis. I had major issues with DriveImageXML.

This was a couple of years ago with a newly purchased vista machine. DriveImageXML at that time could not handle the new vista bcd boot stuff.

Since that time, I've used the seagate rebranded acronis software 4 or 5 times to rebuild the boot drive. This in a test mode with vista and for real with xp 3 times.

Me too.

Fri, 2010-01-29 02:07 by

When setting the key to Decimal 16 I still had problems but 20 worked fine. Thank you for your suggestions!


Sun, 2010-01-17 06:45 by xamdam

I also rarely sign up for "what I hope will be just one message" but as Ken said, this really helped! Exact same problem after installing Acronis TrueImage Home 2010 trial version... Fortunately my Google-foo has improved to the point where I could find this solution quickly.

Thanks also to Ken for the alternative imaging choices!

I definitely will keep this site bookmarked!

(can you tell I'm happy? lol)


Sun, 2009-11-22 21:35 by admin

for the information and the alternative software hints. Good to know.

Help Guys!!!

Sat, 2009-11-21 12:08 by darknodar123

Hey guys I havent quite understand this thing due to my lack of English.

So I created IRPStackSize but I havent understand if the time I create it it should have a number.That means it was 0 and I made it 16,rebooted and nothing.

Also I havent unerstand what this means

Plzz help me cause I know I definitely did something wrong.

Help guys!!!

Sat, 2009-11-21 12:10 by darknodar123

I mean I havent understand what base set to decimal means

Set it to 30

Sat, 2009-11-21 12:41 by admin

Then it should work anyway.

Thanks but no!

Sat, 2009-11-21 12:57 by darknodar123

Thanks gor trying to help me but it didnt work :(

Are you sure I didnt do anything wrong?

I went to parameters And I put
IRPStackSize REGD_WORD 0x0000001e (30)

Are you really sure that even if I do ir right it will work?

Plzz help.I spent 3 days trying to solve this

Thanks but no!

Sat, 2009-11-21 12:58 by darknodar123


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