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Using Windows XP
How to Roll Back a Device Driver
Published: November 9, 2001

Windows XP knows how to work with thousands of different hardware devices like digital cameras, video cards, and scanners. Because each of these devices is unique, your operating system needs a unique way of communicating with each one. It does so with a program called a driver.

If you're using a piece of hardware for the first time or if you're suddenly having problems with a trusty piece of hardware, the first step you may want to take is to update your drivers. This means replacing your old driver with a new one. Unfortunately, an updated driver may not fix the problem and, in some cases, it may do more harm than good.

However, each time you update a driver, Windows XP automatically saves a copy of the previous driver on your computer. If you think a recent driver update may be making your computer unstable, you can use the Driver Rollback feature to get rid of the new driver and replace it with the last one that worked. Driver Rollback permits only one level of rollback (only one prior driver version can be saved at a time); this feature is available for all device classes, except printers.

To roll back a driver: ...

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