Which delete method worked for you?

Sun, 2007-09-02 10:23 by admin
Reboot, then delete.
15% (275 votes)
Command line window: DEL or RMDIR or RD command
12% (219 votes)
Kill all explorer.exe tasks, then use command line window.
9% (165 votes)
Log off, log on, then use command line window.
1% (10 votes)
Reboot, then use command line window.
0% (4 votes)
Delete whole folder that contains problem file or folder.
20% (377 votes)
Command line window: delete whole folder with: rmdir "folder name" /s
4% (82 votes)
DIR /X, then use the short (8+3 characters) name.
4% (83 votes)
Boot into safe mode, then delete.
2% (41 votes)
Stop running program, then delete .exe file.
2% (42 votes)
Registry entries \??\... and !\??\... in Session Manager, reboot
1% (10 votes)
Boot into another operating system, delete from there.
1% (20 votes)
Connect hard disk to other computer, delete from there.
0% (8 votes)
Use Unlocker utility program. [Please vote here and add a comment if you used a different program.]
4% (79 votes)
Path too long: use subst to create shorter path, then delete.
3% (53 votes)
Other method, not mentioned here. [Please add a comment and describe what worked for you.]
3% (58 votes)
None of the methods worked. I still have the offending file or folder and cannot delete it. [Please add a comment with details.]
19% (352 votes)
Total votes: 1878