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When to sell your old car

Wed, 2008-01-16 14:45 by Hans

These are a few thoughts from the point of view of a hobby economist and friend of old cars. (I have a 1970 Jaguar E. :-)

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[Article has been relocated.]

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Spam-fighting content filters

Tue, 2008-01-15 15:08 by Hans

I just received an email bounce with an error message saying:

Error 554 – Message could not be sent due to inappropriate content

It was an important email. I had worked into the night to prepare some source code from a programmer in Nigeria for somebody else to work on. I was not amused to be told that my email was "inappropriate".

DRM now dead, as Amazon snags Sony - The Register

Sun, 2008-01-13 09:20 by admin

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It's the end of an era
By Andrew Orlowski
Published Friday 11th January 2008 14:13 GMT has now secured the right to sell DRM-free music from all four major labels, snagging Sony BMG.

On Monday, Sony BMG announced it was lifting DRM from its digital music, but only through a gift card service called Platinum MusicPass, which was available through bricks and mortar retail channels. Amazon wouldn't have any such shenanigans, and cut the strings Sony had attached.

Samsung goes premium with UMPC - Slippery Brick

Sat, 2008-01-12 09:35 by admin

Samsung goes premium with UMPC - Slippery Brick

Slippery Brick
Samsung goes premium with UMPC
Slippery Brick, OR - 10 hours ago
It also features a split-QWERTY keyboard, 80GB hard drive and is based on the Microsoft Windows XP Tablet Edition operating system. ...

Microsoft responds to Vista SP1 problem - Daytona Beach News-Journal

Sat, 2008-01-12 09:27 by admin

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Microsoft responds to Vista SP1 problem
Daytona Beach News-Journal, FL - 11 hours ago
And that triggered Vista's dreaded copy protection measures. (Euphemistically known as the Windows Genuine Advantage program) Vista thought it was being ...

Security design: Why UAC will not work - InfoWorld

Fri, 2008-01-11 15:14 by admin

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Security design: Why UAC will not work
InfoWorld, CA - 3 hours ago
Microsoft is trying to encourage users and developers to go least privilege by introducing UAC (User Account Control) in Windows Vista, ...

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E.W. Dijkstra 1972: The Humble Programmer

Fri, 2008-01-11 10:13 by Hans

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ACM Turing Lecture 1972

The Humble Programmer
by Edsger W. Dijkstra


As a result of a long sequence of coincidences I entered the programming profession officially on the first spring morning of 1952 and as far as I have been able to trace, I was the first Dutchman to do so in my country. In retrospect the most amazing thing was the slowness with which, at least in my part of the world, the programming profession emerged, a slowness which is now hard to believe. ...

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Screen-scraping from Facebook

Wed, 2008-01-09 20:49 by Hans

Blogger Robert Scoble, former Microsoft MVP, then Microsoft employee, ran a screen-scraping script to lift 5,000 names, email addresses, and birthdates off Facebook. They noticed and banned him for breach of their terms of use. Read his blog.

After an outcry of many bloggers, Facebook reinstated his account.

ASUS R1E experiences

Tue, 2007-12-25 17:38 by FD


I just bought the Asus R1E Tablet PC, and I'll write my thoughts, problems and their solutions I find in here.

[This text is just a draft so far!]


First of all: The correct R1E specification doesn't seem to be available anywhere. ASUS Germany seem to have no idea what they're selling, and the retailers don't even try to get reliable info. Here's what I found out so far:

IT pro admits stealing 8.4M consumer records

Wed, 2007-12-05 19:36 by admin

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By Dan Goodin in San Francisco
4 Dec 2007 02:00
Netted $580,000

A senior database administrator for a consumer reporting agency in Florida has admitted stealing more than 8.4 million account records and selling them to a data broker. He netted $580,000 over five years from the scheme.